Homemade Mustard with Balsamic Vinegar

Tired of store brand mustards? Then come make your own with this easy to follow recipe!


  • 2T yellow mustard seeds
  • 2T brown or black mustard seeds
  • 1/4c water
  • 1/4c champagne or white wine vinegar (5% or more acidity)
  • 1T balsamic vinegar (You can enhance this recipe with our Oregano Balsamic.)
  • pinch salt


Put all the ingredients in a jar that can be well sealed with a tight-fitting plastic lid.  (Don’t use metal because the acid in the vinegar will corrode it).  Shake and then set in the fridge for 2 days.  As you can see from the pictures above, the seeds will absorb the liquid.
Pour into a blender and puree for a few minutes until reaching the desired level of graininess.  Stir down a few times with a rubber scraper while processing.  Add salt if needed.  Taste it and see if you like it, otherwise set it aside for a few more days in the fridge and let it mellow and thicken.  This keeps for several months in the fridge.

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