Fresh Vegetarian Pasta

Our Garlic Olive Oil would be great with this recipe!

The recipe: Add fresh pasta to a pot of boiling water.

Throw a sprinkle of pine nuts and almond flakes into a hot pan drizzled in extra virgin olive oil. Once they start to brown, add slices of roma tomatoes that have been quartered longways and some finely chopped contintental parsley. Keep it on a high heat and stir as necessary.

The pasta will only take a few minutes, so drain, shake through a little olive oil and serve. Add a few leaves of rocket on top of the pasta to make a bed for the sauce, then add the sauce. Drizzle a bit more olive oil (or some of the pasta cooking water) for moisture and cover with parmesan to taste.

Bloody lovely!

recipe taken from under the Creative Commons License.

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