Potatoes and eggs with pesto salad

Try using our Garlic Olive Oil for this one!

– 2 potatoes
– 4 eggs
– Some basil branches
– 1 little iceberg lettuce
– 50 gr of parmigiano cheese
– 30 gr of  pinions
– A half a garlic teeth
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Salt


Basil and pinions for your pesto

– Wash the lettuce and let the water drain

– Boil both the potatoes and eggs, peel and cut them in your favorite way ( slices, wedges, cubes)

– Put together basil, pinions, garlic, olive oil, salt and parmigiano and use the mixer to make the pesto. The time is up to you in order to get a more or less liquid result.

– Serve lettuce, potatoes and eggs with prepared sauce.

Bonus: add some cherries ( tomatoes) to give colour to our first summer salad with extra virgin olive oil.


Recipe and Pciture taken from howtooliveoil.com undet the Creative Commons License.

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